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Mahir Hamid

Mahir’s life philosophy is grounded in three characteristics: empathy, courage, and drive. He has served on student governments for nine years, devised several entrepreneurial tech-innovations, and amplified the concerns of his community through equity initiatives.
Mahir is studying commerce and social impact at Queen’s University. He hopes to pursue a career in entrepreneurship, consulting, and government—above all, Mahir wants to pursue a career where he can innovate and inspire others to transform their communities for the better.

Fun Facts about Mahir: 

#epicfail- most embarrassing work moment
At my first job, we had an “intern bake off” where all interns brought in a baked good. I tried to be ambitious and build a tree with Rice Krispies but it ended up looking like a volcano. No one ended up eating it.

What was your 1st job
Focused Ultrasound student intern at Sunnybrook.

Best work moment
I presented the results from my research project to the lab and was the youngest competitor at the Sunnybrook Summer Student Research Symposium.

Best transferable skill
Communication skills.

Dream job
Becoming a leader in parliament! Or a leader at a company!

Life Motto
Work hard, do good, be incredible.

Fun Fact on Mahir’s CV
I’m a Pokemon superfan

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