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Ismail Mohamud

Ismail is eager to incorporate life-changing solutions, innovation and community impact into his work. His diverse experiences in school, work, and life have fuelled his passion for change. Having experienced being underrepresented and misunderstood at school and in the workplace/employment process as a racialized youth, tackling employment issues is something he is passionate about. Ismail brings his intensive community work, entrepreneurship mindset, and several diverse life experiences and connections to Opportunity For All Youth. 

Fun Facts: 

#epicfail- most embarrassing work moment
Working as a wheelchair agent at the airport, I took my scanning device and walkie talkie all the way home after clocking out. I had to go all the way back to work, go through airport security, and do the walk of shame into my supervisors office. We didn’t have enough devices and walkie talkies so one employee had to work without one which was pretty embarrassing. 

What was your 1st job
Youth outreach worker and camp counsellor for the Toronto District School Board’s Focus on Youth program

Best work moment
At the end of the work term as a STEM robotics coordinator and teacher, the children all thanked me and congratulated me during an assembly. Tribute video, song and everything.

Best transferable skill
Leadership skills.

Dream job

Not sure yet to be honest. 

Life Motto
“Don’t expect anything to be given to you.”

The Fun Fact Ismail’s CV
I’m a photographer, which tends to shock most people I come across. I’ve done events, and shoots for companies/organizations, and have built up my portfolio pretty well with my own individual work. 

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