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Khalid Osman

Khalid Osman is a third year York University student studying business and society with hopes to pursue a masters degree. He is devoted to community development, team-building, and youth mental health. Being a first-generation Canadian and a visible minority, Khalid is passionate about making positive change and driving inclusivity in the youth employment sector, which is why he is excited to work with Opportunity For All Youth.

Fun Facts: 

#epicfail- most embarrassing work moment
On my second day of working at Loblaws, I brilliantly decided to eat a burrito before going into work. The second I walked in the training room I needed the washroom but I’m a semi-germaphobe and can only use it at home. Nevertheless, I spent a grueling six hours on shift barely being able to speak to anyone and acting weird until I could leave.

First job
Helping out the daycare in my neighborhood.

Best work moment
While working at Canada’s Wonderland, one of the “monsters” in the maze suffered from an epileptic shock and I managed to catch her right before she hurt herself on the floor.

Best transferable skill
Being a team player. 

Dream job
To either be a UFC fighter or a painter with the prestige of a Bob Ross.

Life Motto
“What has reached you was never meant to miss you, and what has missed you was never meant to reach you.”
-Prophet Muhamed (s.a.w.)

Fun Fact on Khalid’s CV
I’ve never written a cover letter before applying for Opportunity For All Youth. 

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