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Pierre-Antoine Descôteaux

Pierre-Antoine is an aspiring social entrepreneur who is passionate about tackling social causes in a creative and collaborative way. Having studied business administration at Laval University and now enrolled at Quest University, he values interdisciplinarity as a way to spark innovation. Pierre-Antoine has also co-founded three non-profit organizations! CAN Youth Network, Alliance étudiante en développement durable de l’Université Laval and ReImagine17.


Fun Facts:

#epicfail- most embarrassing work moment: 
Having tears in my eyes when my first boss met with me to discuss things to improve and some issues another employee had with me.

First job: 
Cutting the grass of some of my family members’ yards. 

Best work moment: 
Receiving my first $20,000 funding for my own non-profit organization and working as a seeing the impact you have on kids’ lives as a tennis coach. 

Best transferable skill: 
My creativity

Dream job: 
To be a social entrepreneur and consultant in social innovation. I want to work with people around the world and help solve complex and challenging issues. 

Life Motto: 
“Maitre chez nous.“ , “Master in our own house.“, To me, this means that we are masters of our thoughts, our reactions to life and overall our actions. Nothing and no one can remove our own capacity to love ourselves and decide what we give meaning to in our lives. 

Fun Fact on Pierre-Antoine’s CV:
I hyperlink EVERYTHING, including company web pages that I’ve worked with and published work that I’ve done. 

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