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A true HMS Host legend

Anne Singe’s legacy of three decades of dedicated service

I was impressed by HMSHost, as they are a professional world leading company in food and beverage, with an excellent reputation. They brought new and innovative ideas to the New Zealand market, that in 1989, was still very conservative in its approach to hospitality, and especially in airports.”

After working as the HR Manager for two years, Anne was promoted to Operations Manager and then in 1992 she was appointed as Auckland’s General Manager.

Equal opportunity employer

“To me HMSHost has been a very supportive and encouraging employer. They have assisted my personal development by providing professional training,” Anne continues, “During my time with HMSHost I have completed various vocational training programs. These have included a Business Excellence Course and a Strategic Development Management Course which helped me develop essential skills to grow as a person and in my job.”

Fear for the Millenium-bug

One day Anne will never forget is 31st of December 1999, being the Y2K (year 2000). “I was at the airport at midnight, when all the world was fearing a Millennium-bug. Along with other senior management, we were there to see if our computers, point of sale systems, water, electricity and everything else would keep working. At the time many people feared planes were going to fall out of the sky.

General Manager of the Year

During the HMSHost annual Senior Management Conference at the end of last year, Anne was elected ‘General Manager of the Year’. It took her by surprise, but also filled her with pride to be recognised by the HMSHost management for her performance and commitment. “To me it’s the acknowledgement of many years of hard work and loyalty. It’s hard to believe it has been 30 years!”

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