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HMS Host – Culture and Values

Values and Culture

Our associates are our strengths

How do you create a corporate culture in which everyone wants to excel, and how do you keep this up when you achieve a growth of 20% each and every year? CEO Walter Seib and Vice President HR Kimberly DeMello give their vision about the most important capital, ‘the human capital’.

Flexible organized

“Our associates are at the heart of our business. The more focus and care we can provide to them, the more attention will be placed on our guest and business associates”, explains Kimberly. HMSHost International continues to celebrate rapid growth, which in turn has enabled us to widen the offerings to employees, from benefits to trainings to development.”

From Store Manager to CEO

Climbing the ladder from the work floor to the boardroom is not merely a dream; it is a reality at HMSHost International. Walter symbolises the unlimited opportunities within the company; starting as Store Manager, he ultimately reached the position of CEO. “The attention for talent development is what makes HMSHost International such a unique company. We hire employees based on empathy and energy, more than on diplomas. With personal coaching and training, employees can further and develop their talents with us.”

New way of managing

“Today’s world demands a new way of managing”, is the opinion of Walter. “We don’t have a blame culture. Even more: if we as the executive leadership team don’t do something well, we deliberately share that with everyone. Then nobody has to make that mistake again. By providing transparency and creating a safe environment, people can show initiative. They dare to take action.

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