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HMS Host – The Burger Trend

How our burger concepts respond to the latest trends in food

Trend 1: Vegan

Vegan food was once reserved for a small group of consumers. But in a short period of time, vegan food became increasingly popular, and in some countries it’s now even developing towards more and more mainstream.

In response to this trend, and to a growing body of evidence supporting the link between gut and mental health, LEON introduced the 100% vegan LOVe Burger. And it turns out to be very successful: at this moment, the LOVeburger is the most sold item at our LEON stores.


Trend 2: Love for local products

Many travellers love to experience the taste preferences and cultures of the countries they visit. To respond to this trend, every store of The Burger Federation has a local specialty. The store in Utrecht has ‘The Hoge Utrecht Burger’, with Oudegracht-cheese and home-made sauce based on a local Utrecht beer. In our store in Qatar, the ‘Arabian Burger’ is popular: a falafel patty on za’atar bread.



Trend 3: Worldly tastes and techniques

While consumers love local products, at the same time they are seeking adventure in their food: they long for exotic tastes and textures. At The Burger Federation, we respond to this trend with all sorts of ‘worldly’ burgers. Like the Greek Isles Burger, with tzatziki and baby spinach, or the Mexican Baja with guacamole, hot chili sauce and red bean paste.


Trend 4: Food as an experience

For most consumers, enjoying food is about more than just eating. It’s the whole experience surrounding it. They want to be amazed and surprised, they want to see that their food is being given special attention. To respond to this trend, all Burger Federation stores have a ‘food theatre kitchen’ where your burger is put in the spotlight. Behind a big glass wall, you can watch the chef creating your burger.

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