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Teleperformance – Well-being at Work

Work Hard, Play Hard

Fulfilling our mission and vision requires an intense focus, so we believe it is important to try to have some fun while we can. We want our people to be inspired and motivated. We want them to feel proud to belong to our team, that’s why we invest so much in our programs, relationship initiatives, and internal campaigns. We work hard to create the best place for them.


A Rockin’ Decade of Fun

From breathtaking songs to slick dance moves, to inspiring works of art and photography—Teleperformance’s For Fun Festival recognizes and celebrates the creative talents of our people around the globe. An annual event, For Fun Festival is open to all of our active employees who are raring to share their passion for art, dance, music, and photography.

Sport Club

We care about the health and happiness of our employees. That’s why at Teleperformance, we see sports as a great way to experience healthy activities. Through Sport Club, we are able to celebrate the incredible athleticism that is present throughout the global Teleperformance team, as well as celebrate our national and cultural diversity.

Passion 4U

Passion 4U is Teleperformance’s global health and wellness program that promotes health literacy, work-life balance, fitness activities, nutrition and happiness at work.

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