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To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

How do you describe what your company does to a new or potential employee?

We are a reflection of the beautiful diverse city of Toronto, where we build. People often only think of us as a construction company. We’re about a lot more than a hammer and nails. We have hundreds of unique roles, a family of brands and endless opportunities where creative, engaged people make this ‘more than a job.’ It’s their passion.

How does your company live your values?

Our Take Action Team is where employee passion meets our Company’s values. This team is an employee-led powerhouse group that promotes team-building and cohesion and is key to implementing events and initiatives both within the organization and in the community. Many of these planned events contribute meaningfully in the communities where we build, and beyond. Over the past year, 120 employees across the organization have volunteered 600 hours of their time to over 35 impactful events led by Tridel Take Action across the City of Toronto.

How would you describe your culture?

Happy employees make happy customers. You do your best work when you’re having fun. Whether it’s community events, celebrating co-workers or fostering work relationships and teams, we have a culture that is fast, friendly and fun. We’re a great place to work.

Our People & Culture Advisory Group was established to enhance our best place to work culture for our employees, preserving the aspects of our culture that make us great, while evolving it so we are competitive. They ensure that the corporate values instilled by our founder, Jack DelZotto, are maintained across the Company while continuing to create a positive experience for our employees. With representatives from diverse teams, they give voice for what’s important to our employees and guide the development of a cohesive and healthy culture within Tridel.

What might a career path look like at your company? Is there opportunity to grow?

On our sites, you begin as a Site Administrator. If you would like to continue your career on site you would next become a Site Coordinator, and finally a Site Supervisor.

Our other early talent role is in customer care.

From either position though you can also move to other departments in the company, as many people do. That could be within marketing, accounting, Administration, etc.
Will I receive any training and/or development?


Our People & Culture Advisory Group implemented a streamlined Performance Management process to support career development and an annual compensation review to ensure our employees receive fair market practices.

Tridel Leaning is our Learning Management program was launched to make training and development accessible for all employees regardless of geographic location. This ensures employees can keep up to date on the latest self-development opportunities to further their careers, as well as policies and procedures to keep them engaged and informed on organizational practices.

Our Young Workers program was developed to ensure all young workers are trained, educated and involved in Health and Safety discussions early on. It highlights the importance of and our commitment to safety. Early education and training for the next generation of workers, including students, is necessary to prevent injuries to young workers while working on an active construction site.

What type of people are successful at your company? What does it take to get promoted?

Someone who possesses the soft skills that we are looking for. Willingness to learn is key, as we will train on all the other necessary aspects of the job.

We are always interested in meeting passionate, creative and talented people who want to make a positive difference.

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