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Kelly Xu

Kelly studies commerce at Queen’s University with an interest in international development. From working as a youth mentor to teaching youth how to build bikes, Kelly is deeply connected to her community and has a background in community engagement.

Itseorise Tuedor

Itseorise Tuedor is currently specializing in Digital Enterprise Management at the University of Toronto and is passionate about solving social and environmental problems through digital innovation and marketing.

Helen Simon

Helen is currently attending the University of Toronto and uses her background in statistics and sociology to help youth find opportunities that are meaningful to them.

Thania Padillo

A first year Political Science Major at the University of Calgary, Thania is passionate about studying conflicts and cooperation within societies and is excited to bring this unique perspective to the Youth Innovation Council.

Khalid Osman

Khalid Osman is a third year York University student studying business and society with hopes to pursue a masters degree.

Ismail Mohamud

Ismail is eager to incorporate life-changing solutions, innovation and community impact into his work. His diverse experiences in school, work, and life have fuelled his passion for change.

Justin Langan

Justin Langan is a Métis youth leader and is from the rural community of Swan River, Manitoba.

Naeema Hassan

Naeema Hassan has completed her undergraduate degree at York University and is pursuing a masters degree in public administration at Queen’s University.

Mahir Hamid

Mahir is studying commerce and social impact at Queen’s University and hopes to pursue a career in entrepreneurship, consulting, and government.

Pierre-Antoine Descôteaux

Having studied business administration at Laval University and now enrolled at Quest University, he values interdisciplinary approaches as a way to spark innovation.

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